Fire & gas safety

Fire and gas safety are key issues for 20/20.

We urge all our members to:

  1. regularly check that their smoke alarms are operating as they should
  2. consider carefully what they would do in the event of a fire
  3. ensure that they know what their escape routes are in the event of fire and that they are not blocked
  4. consider how they can prevent fires

We employ a Fire Safety Officer – who is trained to identify potential fire risks – to regularly inspect the communal areas in our flats – and we act on any recommendations they make to us.  Those living in flats should not:

  • put any items in the communal hallways of flats
  • let people into the communal areas unless they know who they are
  • make alterations to the structure of their homes without asking 20/20’s permission

20/20 is required by law to have all our gas appliances inspected and maintained on an annual basis and to do gas safety checks when a new tenant moves in.  This means we require our members to give access to gas safety engineers when gas appliances are to be serviced.  Changing safety standards have meant that 20/20 has now replaced nearly all our back boilers.  This is also resulting in members having low fuel costs.