Our democracy

One member one vote

All 20/20 members are entitled to put themselves forward for election to 20/20’s Management Committee at the AGM.

20/20 depends on members of the co-op coming forward to get involved in the running of the co-op. People contribute in many different ways and we welcome any of our members.

20/20 Housing Co-op is fully mutual. This means that all our tenants are required to be shareholding co-op members (new tenants buy a non-returnable £1 share to become members) and all co-op members are tenants or prospective tenants. Fully mutual status means that our tenants do not have the formal tenancy rights granted by law to Assured tenants, but all members have equal voting rights at co-op General Meetings which decide on the co-op’s policies.

All our member tenants have a right and a responsibility to play a part in running the co-op.  20/20 relies on the active commitment and enthusiasm of our members.  If there’s a problem, it’s us, the tenants and members, who fix it.

Members participate because:

  • it gives us a say in how our homes and community is run
  • it gives practical experience which can lead to jobs
  • it leads to lower rents and better services
  • we collectively decide to make improvements for all our members
  • 20/20 is a community! We have various social events and most of us know each other and usually get along.

20/20’s members elect a management committee of up to 12 members at the Annual General Meeting to govern the co-op. Any 20/20 member can stand for election to the committee. Holding monthly committee meetings, the committee develops strategies and policies, and monitors our performance.

The committee elects a chair, a secretary, a treasurer, a repairs officer, allocations officers, a rents officer, and a complaints officer.

There are other ways to contribute, such as organising social events, and many members help out as the need arises.  Some roles might sound a bit daunting, but none of our members carrying out these roles had any previous experience before they started.  Training is available as necessary, and other co-op members will help out.