Speed of repairs service

Emergency repairs are done within 24 hours – an emergency and make safe repairs service is available 24 hours every day including public holiday periods, to remove danger and make your home and its occupants safe. Emergency repairs put the health, safety or security of members or others at immediate risk or affect the structure of the building.  They include:

  • gas leaks
  • total loss of electricity – check if the meter is working or if there is a power cut before calling the emergency number
  • unsafe electrical sockets or fittings
  • severe roof leak
  • blockage of your only toilet
  • blocked overflowing drain
  • burst water pipe where you can’t stop the supply or turn off the water
  • minor water leak which cannot be contained and is likely to cause damage
  • boarding up a door or window – we may recharge members for this unless it is as a result of a crime and you have a crime reference number
  • securing a ground floor door or window
  • loss of keys – we will usually recharge members for this 

Standard repairs are done within 28 days – all other repairs are included in this category.   They include:

  • front door sticking
  • gate post loose
  • plasterwork repairs
  • easing or re-fitting doors or windows
  • minor plumbing leaks
  • repairs to floors and paths that are not hazardous

Repairs where estimates are needed, or where specialist work or scaffolding is required may take longer.  BVT will let you know if this is the case.

If your repairs are not done as set out here, please either get in touch with BVT, or with a committee member or by e-mail at info@2020.coop